Benefits of cold asphalt

Easy to use – theasphalt mixture is completely ready for use. Weather conditions did not affect the adhesion of the mass of cold asphalt to the edges of the hole and the base.

To perform the work requires no special preparation of pit and pothole surfaces or use bulky equipment. Simply place the asphalt mixture into the pit, flatten and ram. Traffic can be resumed immediately after work completion!

Repair rain or shine all year round. Air temperature during operation can range from - 30°C to +40°C.

Saving materials, money and time – the use of cold mix asphalt allows you to conduct fast patching of any pit of any shape and almost 2 times to save on material consumption and use of special equipment.

Convenient packaging

  • In plastic bags of 20 kg. This amount is sufficient to repair the pit area of 0.3 m² at a depth of 5 cm.
  • In "big bags" of up to 500 kg. You can order any necessary weight.

Comparison table of benefits of cold modified bituminous mixture vs hot asphalt



Laying and use of material


Hot asphalt


Cold asphalt




Impact on traffic

Long road sections are closed for a long time

Slight blocking for a very short time



Start of operation





The time during which it is possible to use asphalt

Limited 4-5 hours

Limited by shelf life of the product (about 2 years)



Using equipment

Road rollers and plate compactors

A plate compactor, sometimes hand tamping is enough



Required number of people

At least 6 people

2-3 people are enough



Dependence on weather

Applied only in warm weather when the ambient temperature is not below +5°C

Applied at ambient temperature - 30 ... +40°C



Seasonality of material laying

Warm months of the year

No restrictions




Storage is not provided, the remains must be removed and disposed of in a few hours

Storage at the open area in bulk - up to 1 year, in the package - up to 2 years




Strong greenhouse effect in the production, the problem of waste disposing

Ecological friendly, minimum greenhouse effect in the production, no waste



Laying in winter

Removing water, mandatory  heating and treatment of pit edges with hot bitumen, applied at ambient temperature not below +5°С

Enough to remove dirt, applied at ambient temperature -30 ..... +40°C



Delivery to repair areas in winter

Delivered heated, requires specialized equipment.

Delivered at a storage temperature



Laying in summer with temperatures above +25°C

Difficulties during laying, the mixture hardens slowly

No difficulties arise



Operating ambient temperature

From +5 to +25°С

Recommended range - from -30°C to +40°C